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I visited the Memphis Tennessee Botanical Garden on 5/10/2009 and took these pictures. It had rained, thus the water droplets on most of the flowers you see here. So far, the Botanical Garden is my favorite place in Memphis that I've visited.

Most of the flowers were shot using a Nikkor 60mm macro lens handheld. Anyone who has done that kind of photography knows you get a very very narrow depth of field and it's extremely difficult to control handheld. Even stopped down to f/8 you'll see many flowers that are not sharp front to rear. I wanted to experiment with this rather than the way I shot in the San Francisco Botanical garden. The results are interesting, I'll have to decide what I like more. One result is that you get a much softer picture in general which is not always a bad thing for flowers, but in some cases is really too soft.

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